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Fine Watches & Jewellery

GABRIEL Feine Uhren & Juwelen buys and sells high-quality brand-name watches and jewellery from renowned manufacturers.

We proudly claim to be one of the best addresses for watch and jewellery lovers in Germany. Due to the constant purchase from private owners, bankruptcies and jeweller's liquidations, we are able to permanently present new pieces of jewellery to our customers in our display.

For 30 years, we have specialised in buying and selling pre-owned high-quality, name-brand wristwatches, jewellery an luxury acessoires in the heart of Cologne.

We supply high-quality watches to discerning collectors around the world in our online shop. Our shop in Cologne’s city centre has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of pre-owned, high-quality watches and jewellery – entirely without the aid of advertising or major marketing campaigns.

Our secret? Through attractive, high-value offers, first-class service, transparent execution of customer commissions and, not least, our absolute commitment to customer satisfaction, we have become one of the largest dealers in pre-owned, high-quality watches and jewellery – solely through the word-of-mouth recommendations of our satisfied customers.

Our fair pricing – which saves our customers up to 50% compared to the in-store price for new merchandise – has also been a key factor in making us one of the top addresses for those who appreciate fine brand-name wristwatches and jewellery – in the Cologne region and beyond. So it is only natural that we have expanded our online service as well, so that you can also purchase luxury wristwatches with guarantee, or have them appraised, online.

Our watches are second-hand and are checked for originality by our master watchmaker before delivery.
We guarantee that the condition and state of the clock correspond exactly to our description. Necessary repairs, cleaning and reconditioning have of course been carried out.

High quality and
attractive offers

2 years home warranty
on functional efficiency

Fair and transparent