Our commitment

24-month functional guarantee

Every watch you purchase from Gabriel – whether in our shop or online – are examined by our own master watchmaker to ensure that they are fully functional.

Consequently, we extend a 24-month function guarantee on each watch we sell as of the date of purchase. In writing, “signed and sealed”. You won't find this at almost any other dealer for used luxury watches.

When buying in our online shop, all customers have an unconditional 14-day right of return. Every name-brand watch that leaves our premises is first subjected to a comprehensive function inspection, and the serial number is additionally verified with the manufacturer.

Functional tests

We carry out the following functional tests on your watch as part of the guarantee agreement before it leaves our shop:

  • +  Removal of the movement from the case
  • +  Checking winding mechanism
  • +  Checking movement and calendar
  • +  Checking escapement
  • +  Cleaning of all disassembled movement parts
  • +  Mechanical inspection of all parts
  • +  Assembly of the movement
  • +  Re-adjustment of the gear train
  • +  Re-adjustment of the calendar
  • +  Checking the additional functions (if any)
  • +  Oil and grease the various components
  • +  First rate check
  • +  Mounting the dial and hands
  • +  Second rate check and relocation of the movement
  • +  Assembly of the movement in the case
  • +  Rate check with running test
  • +  Relaying the movement again if necessary

What our customers say

High quality and
attractive offers

2 years home warranty
on functional efficiency

Fair and transparent