Decades of experience in value determination

Benefit from our decades of experience in the valuation of luxury watches and jewellery.

If you cannot come to our store in Cologne in person, this valuation can be done online. All you have to do is provide some basic information about your watch and upload two photos of your watch to our server. As experts for fine brand watches, we can determine the price of your luxury watch directly and you will receive a price estimate or a binding purchase offer from us after a short time.

The following factors are important for us when determining the price of brand-name watches:

The state of preservation. It is a decisive price factor for every luxury watch. Is it like new from the store or does it show clear signs of wear and use? Does it have complete documents including the purchase invoice, the original packaging and the operating instructions, or are these items no longer available?

Has the watch been repaired before? If so, were original parts used? Are documents about the repair available?

Furthermore, it plays a role whether the watch model is still being built or whether it is a vintage watch with historical value. Collector's items with small editions, historical watches with special features such as jewellery applications, precious stones or other applications usually have a higher value than commercially available noble watches.

As you can see, the price is determined by many aspects that can only be determined by a personal inspection of the respective watch. As professionals, we also offer this appraisal and valuation online! Without obligation and free of charge for you!

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