Precious metal purchase

Purchase of gold, silver and platinum

Whether it`s gold, silver or platinum: we buy up your precious metal and jewellery at current prices.

Do you own old gold, inherited jewellery, broken gold (e.g. cracked chains and rings made of gold, silver) or other precious metal or old dental alloys? You do not know how much these are worth? Are you looking for serious advice? Our precious metal purchase offers you service and advice on a serious and highest level.

Use our inquiry form or call us on +49 221 257 45 26. We would also be happy to welcome you in our store in Cologne.

Gold purchase

Our gold purchase service is a quick and easy way of turning your gold into cash. We buy coins and jewellery made of gold or containing gold, old dental gold, gold remnants or even whole bars of pure gold.

Silver purchase

Do you have unused silver cutlery in your cupboard or cellar? Do you have silver chains, silver rings or other jewellery in your jewellery box that you never wear yourself? Have you perhaps inherited a collection of silver coins that you can't do anything with?

Then turn your old silver into cash with us! Gabriel buys all kinds of silver such as silver cutlery, silverware and silver coins. We remunerate coins and bars at current maximum values. In addition, we acquire bodyware, i.e. candlesticks, bowls, place plates, complete services, coffee, tea and water pots, complete solid cutlery, boxes and figurines made of silver

Platinum purchase

Do you have platinum scrap, platinum coins, platinum jewellery or other types of platinum that you would like to sell? Gabriel has specialised in recycling precious metals and buying platinum metals for years.

We buy platinum in the following forms / alloys:

+ Platinum jewellery
+ Platinum coins
+ Platinum bars

We constantly pay top prices based on the daily rates on the international precious metal exchanges.

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